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Countryside Vocabulary Taboo Game - Piotr Bednarczyk - Mindful English



Are you looking for fun activities to play with students?

I’ve prepared a taboo game about countryside vocabulary. 

For me this is the best game ever to play with my students.

It helps to improve your students’ communication and vocabulary skills.

Highest Quality!

The set consists of 24 TABOO cards which are about ’countryside’ vocabulary. The set is intended for students of English as a foreign language from elementary to pre-intermediate level, or as a FUN GAME for your pupils.

There is 1 file that consists of 24 cards. There is also back graphic page to print them double sided. All cards are high quality. Each card has a set of 2 taboo words.

1. Conservation area
2. Cottage
3. Country road
4. Countryside
5. Farm
6. Farmer
7. Field
8. Forest
9. Go skiing
10. Go swimming
11. Go walking
12. Have a picnic
13. Hill
14. Lake
15. Mountains
16. Mud
17. National park
18. Nature
19. Path
20. River
21. Small town
22. Village
23. Wildlife
24. Wood



1. Use synonyms and antonyms. However, do not say phrases such as “sounds like” or “rhymes with”.

2. Before you start giving any clues, read the guess word and all of the taboo words to remember the words that you should avoid.

3. Try to use the words that you have learned to describe the meanings of the words.

4. Do not use any gestures like in charades. You should use only words in Taboo games.

Taboo for ESL students is an exciting and engaging activity that will level up their language skills. Spend some time to prepare this game, and you will get positive results in the end. Your students will be grateful to you both for the knowledge and for the fun that they will have while playing ESL Taboo games. Reasons why Taboo is a popular ESL activity The main reason for Taboo’s popularity as an ESL activity among teachers who Teach English as a Second Language is its simplicity. The game does not have any complex or hard-to-understand rules, which makes it easier for ESL students to grasp the concept of how to play Taboo.



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