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animal dominoes ESL vocabulary

Do you teach ESL learners? Are you looking for fun ESL resources?

Do you sometimes struggle to engage all your students?

Are you pressed for time or lacking the time to create your own resources?

Have fun with your students playing dominoes about Animals. 60 cards with animal vocabulary. Just print it out and have fun. Perfect for beginnerskindergarten children, or homeschooling. Suitable for ESL/EFL teachers.


  • perfect for reviewing animal vocabulary
  • helps to reactivate vocabulary
  • Wow your students with this fun and entertaining game.
  • Highest Quality!

I’m giving you a set of 60 cards with animal dominoes.

There is also a back graphic page to print them double-sided.

All cards are of high quality.

1. Bat
2. Beaver
3. Bee
4. Butterfly
5. Calf
6. Camel
7. Cat
8. Chick
9. Chicken
10. Cow
11. Crocodile
12. Deer
13. Dog
14. Donkey
15. Duck
16. Duckling
17. Eagle
18. Elephant
19. Fish
20. Foal
21. Fox
22. Frog
23. Giraffe
24. Goat
25. Goose
26. Gorilla
27. Hippo
28. Horse
29. Kangaroo
30. Kid
31. Ladybug/ladybird
32. Lamb
33. Lion
34. Lizard
35. Monkey
36. Mouse
37. Ostrich
38. Owl
39. Panda bear
40. Parrot
41. Peacock
42. Pig
43. Pigeon
44. Piglet
45. Rabbit
46. Rhino
47. Rooster
48. Seal
49. Sheep
50. Skunk
51. Snail
52. Snake
53. Spider
54. Squirrel
55. Tiger
56. Tortoise
57. Turkey
58. Turtle
59. Wolf
60. Zebra


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SPRUCE UP your lessons with these AMAZING DOMINOES CARDS and feel more than welcome to write a review. All comments are welcomed.

How about suggesting a topic to prepare DOMINO CARDS about?

You’d better tell your fellow teachers about these LOVELY cards 🙂


Picture of Piotr Bednarczyk

Piotr Bednarczyk

I'm an ESL teacher. I've been teaching English since 2015. I've been learning English since I was at kindergarten. I teach English to adults and teengaers. I try to develop my knowledge about methodology of teaching English.


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